These may be purchased in full case lots or by individual packs. Packed four packages per case. 20" x 30" Soft Fold Tissue.


Arctic Plaid Baby Prints Black Dots on White BW Pinstripe occasions_cabana_stripe
NEW! 0339ARC (B)
Arctic Plaid
0143BAB (B)
Baby Prints 
0199BLK (A)
Black Toile 
NEW! 0341BLA (A)
Black Dots on White
NEW! 0343BLA (A)
B&W Pinstripe
0331CAB (B)
Cabana Stripes 
occasions_caribbean_dots occasions_chevron_2013 occasions_contemporary_hearts Desert Plaid occasions_dragonflies occasions_elephants_2013
0253CAR (B)
Caribbean Dots
0335CHE (A)
0221CON (A)
Contemporary Hearts
NEW! 0340DES (B)
Desert Plaid
0184DRA (A)
0336 ELE (B)
ocassions_falling_dots occasions_fashion_lines occasions_festive_balloons occasions_flannel_plaid occasions_giraffe occasions_green_gingham_kraft
0190FAL (B)
Falling Dots
0255FAS (B)
Fashion Lines
0296FES (B)
Festive Balloons
0332FLA (B)
Flannel Plaid
0311GIR (B)
0023GKG (A)
Green Gingham
occasions_island_dots occasions_island_stripe occasions_leopard occasions_native_lines occasions_neopolitan_dots occasions_neopolitan_stripe
0256ISA (B)
Island Dots
0257IST (B)
Island Stripe
0196LEO (B)
0330NAT (B)
Native Lines
0250NEO (B)
Neopolitan Dots
0258NEO (B)
Neopolitan Stripes
occasions_oblique_lines occasions_party_gifts occasions_puppy_paws occasions_red_gingham_kraft occasions_simply_dots occasions_speckled_raspberry
0326OBL (B)
Oblique Lines
0314PAR (B)
Party Gifts
0210PUP (A)
Puppy Paws
0022RKG (A)
Red Gingham 
0315SIM (B)
Simply Dots
0247SPE (A)
Speckled Raspberry
occasions_speckled_white Tie Dye occasions_tiger occasions_waves occasions_west_indies White Dots on Black
0248SPE (A)
Speckled White
0316TIE (B)
Tie Dye Stripes
0301TIG (B)
0329WAV (B)
0292WEST (A)
West Indies
NEW! 0342WHI (A)
White Dots on Black
occasions_zebra occasions_the_basics_pack_flat_2013        
0185ZEB (A)
2030BK/WT (A)
The Basics Stock Assortment